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Re: filmscanners: fogged film

Art wrote:

>Usually they won't even both[er]
to open the canisters, although sometimes they will.

It may (or may not) be worth mentioning that smugglers have been using film 
canisters for quite some time. Occasionally, there's going to be an 
overzealous customs inspector, especially when you travel from country to 
country (and Norman listed 3 US Ports of Call--Miami, Puerto Rico, and The 
Virgin Islands). If he carries a Jamaican passport, that would make him an 
automatic suspect (albeit unfairly).  This doesn't deal with the problem at 
hand, though, which is the salvage of Norman's underwater pictures.

Is there enough visible image, Norman, that you can pull some of it out in 
Black&White, using Lab or RGB colors? You *might* be able to demonstrate 
your point this way, or (with a heckuva lot of work), you may be able to 
reconstitute the colors to a semblance of what you saw while you were 
diving. This, unfortunately, will diminish the "legal" credibility of the 
photo (which any digital manipulation would do, anyway), but it might 
provide enough evidence to get a second documentary attempt started, or even 

I feel for you, man. That was a piece of really rotten luck. But I think the 
comments it elicited from the List members will give you a better shot on a 
second attempt, if you can manage it.

Best regards--LRA
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