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RE: filmscanners: Getting started question

Hi Frank--

>A nice feature of Denver is they have literally hundreds of very well 
>maintained-wooded parks - almost every neighborhood has one. So we are 
>making a list and have challenged ourselves to shoot every park in Denver!

A noble endeavor! :-) Now let me give you *another* reason to buy a 
Spotmatic (or similar SLR): to get the most out of Park Shooting (close-ups 
of flowers, animals, ducks, and even Mrs. fn), you'll want a zoom/macro lens 
in the future, a 105-280, at least. Here's where the hand-held meter doesn't 
help you much, other that the relative brightness of the day. The Spotmatic, 
OTOH, measures the area that you have in your lens. Not always acurately, 
I'll have to admit (it spots the center and averages the rest of the 
frame--sometimes the average zaps you). And of course, framing a zoomed 
picture is always much easier with an SLR. This also speaks for carrying 2 
cameras--I've often had the experience of focusing on something in the 
zoomar while something better was happening only a few feet away!

A newer Nikon or Minolta would arguably be better than a Pentax--but Nikon 
holds its resale price disgustingly well. Their advantage is the bayonet 
mount, which makes changing lenses much faster.

Best regards, and have fun--Lynn

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