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Re: filmscanners: Canon and Vuescan

Martin Gandy wrote:

>I would like to contact any Canon FS2710 users with Vuescan experience.  I
>installed Vuescan because of the good reports but have always experienced
>scans with the default sttings to have very low contrast, with the values in
>levels bunched to the left.  This is for both slides and negatives.....

Currently using the FS2710, W98, and Fuji Superia negs with VueScan 7.1.4 
Martin. Settings under the Color tab are normally White Balance, black point 
0.01, white point 0.1, Adobe RGB space, gamma 2.2, and Brightness 1.0. Other 
than that the rest of the settings are the default ones. I get a full histogram 
straight out of Vuescan, in fact the black end is slightly clipped, which I 
would rather not have, but I wouldn't say that the levels are bunched to the 
left to any significant degree.

Canoscan has a tendency to clip the white end with negs here, which I have 
never liked.

Colin Maddock


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