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Re: filmscanners: SS120 & Nikon 8000 ... how do they work?

> On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Lynn Allen wrote:
> > Art wrote:
> >
> > >Many moons ago, I was working on the concept of a system to allow
a 35mm
> > >frame to be projected on a flatbed scanner surface.  This could,
> > >theory, allow for even a 600 dpi scanner to record a 35mm frame
at about
> > >4800 x 7200 ppi, optically.
> >
> > Not unsurprisingly, I thought of the same thing when I saw how
> > Mouse" the HP 6300C's film adapter was; project an 11x8 image onto
> > inverted ground-Lucite panel layered onto the scanner glass..
> It's an idea that's come up many times, in
> many different forums.  I've never seen it
> taken to any sort of completion.
> It's utterly ironic, of course, that a $29
> flatbed can supply far more raw bits than
> a $400 or $800 film scanner.
> Another possible avenue for tinkerers...
> Use the basic optical bench of a cheap
> but worthy old film scanner (eg. Polaroid
> SprintScan LE) and replace the stepper
> motor, CCD, and related electronics.
> There'd be a lot of hardware and software
> to re-design, but you might get by with
> most of the existing mechanics and optics.
> rafe b.

Didn't Canon use this idea when they introduced the original Canon
Laser Copier?  If I recall it was a device that looked like a
combination of a slide projector and overhead transparency projector.
Worked pretty well.



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