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Re: filmscanners: Buying on eBay

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Peter wrote:

> > No, I've had no need.  I've bought nearly $2000
> > worth of photo gear and accessories on eBay over
> > the last couple of years -- cameras, lenses, etc. --
> > and not had any problems with careless packaging
> > or items damaged in shipment.
> >
> > To reiterate:  I believe you over-state the risks
> > involved.
> >
> >
> > rafe b.
> I have had two cases. It was broken monitor's case. It took over 6 months to
> collect the money from US Post Office!!! It was pretty painful waiting with
> no monitor.
> Second case, I shipped out a scanner. It returned back in completely
> destroyed damped box. I was not successful collating any money from US Post
> Office since nothing inside was physically broken. I bet all my money that
> down the road the scanner will stop functioning or need recalibration in
> factory as a result of several impact or whatever happened to it. I sent is
> a "fragile" but I do not understand the meaning of the word after this
> exiting experience.
> I have heard people being unsuccessful collecting the insurance from another
> carriers as well.
> The bottom line is that there is a big risk buying expensive stuff from
> individuals. Unless it is a real bargain, I can rarely justify not paying
> with my credit card to a reputable merchant.
> I get 1.5% back, double the manufacturer warranty, have a chance to return
> it, additional protection first 90 days, dispute option, option to reject
> the package.

Guess it's a classic case of "Your Mileage May Vary."

Judging by eBay's tremendous popularity, I can't 
believe that these events are the norm.  It's not 
like me to be overly lucky in such matters.

When it comes to venerable old relics like the 
SprintScan Plus, or Leafscan 45 (or my Nikon 8008 
SLR), buying a new item at retail is not an option.

Surely, dealing on eBay is not for everybody, 
but it's worked out well (so far) for me.

rafe b.


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