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RE: filmscanners: SS120 first impressions and a few questions.

> >Your complaint regarding NikonScan 3.1 being "buggy"
> >is surprising to me.  I had some initial problems
> >getting NS installed, but it has not been remotely
> >buggy since then.  The installation issues turned
> >out to be due to device conflicts.
> >
> >Which leads me to suspect that a good number of
> >reported bugs in NS are in fact due to device
> >conflicts.  This info is of no use to you at the
> >moment, but others reading this may care.
> Since I installed NikonScan 3.1 I haven't had any problems with its TWAIN
> module.

Same here.  Hasn't crashed AT ALL - and I've been using it very intensively
for two weeks or so (or is it three, time flies), along with browsing the
internet, writing emails, editing images.  About the only thing I don't do
at the same time as scanning is play games (though Quake 3 will run in a
window if I want).

> When used stand-alone it may have memory problems. The integrated
> curves and histograms dialog is the best I've ever seen in any graphics
> application.

Seconded!  All Nikon needs to do is to match the keyboard shortcuts for the
channels (Ctrl-, Ctrl-1, 2, 3 for the channels, plus up/down cursor keys
for numbers, combining with shift for jumps of 10 - and the real beaut that
PS supports, scrolling through numbers using the mouse wheel: Mac users eat
your hearts out, tee-hee).



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