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filmscanners: Buying on eBay

At 07:39 PM 7/10/01 -0700, Art wrote:

>As those who bother reading my comments know, I am an advocate of buying
>used equipment and non-bleeding edge.  It saves money, it sometimes even
>protects you from the "first buyer screw" which means you end up paying
>the most for a product which isn't perfected, and end up playing beta
>tester without any of the benefits, and sometimes that means being very
>poorly treated by the manufacturer.
>Having said that, I use ebay a fair amount (I do very much understand it
>is difficult enough to do so if you live in Canada, and nearly
>impossible if you are anywhere else, since it a very U.S.-centric
>service).  However, based upon my experience, I would be very cautious
>buying something like a film scanner (other than a new one with full
>manufacturer's warranty) from ebay merchants.

>rafeb wrote:
>> For those interested in buying their very first film
>> scanner, or trading up from an existing model, I humbly
>> suggest eBay as a source of very good deals, particularly
>> at the moment -- where new market entries from several
>> major vendors are causing a lot of turnover in equipment.

There's no harm in being careful, that's true, but no 
need to overplay the dangers either.

When I upgraded from my first film scanner (a Microtek) 
I sold that unit to a fellow in Vancouver BC.  Long 
story short... the unit was carefully packaged, and 
arrived quite intact, surviving the long trip from 
Boston to British Columbia and through Canadian customs.

I would expect that expensive gear would be insured 
for shipment.  Wouldn't that be the sensible thing?

Anyone considering buying a Leafscan should be extra-
careful, though; it is a very large, very heavy unit,
and will cost a bundle to ship.

As to the potential savings... I see (just for example) 
a SprintScan 35+, "New In Box" (NIB) for $425, with 
less than one day to go.  No reserve, and no bids yet.
The seller seems quite well qualified.

Hmm. there's even an Imacon up there at the moment, 
no idea what the reserve might be.

For those eyeing the LS-120 or 8000 ED, eBay may not 
be viable, as scanners with this price/performace 
simply don't exist on the used market.

OTOH, if you can find someone selling an Imacon for 
a song, or a Leaf 45 for, say, $1500 or less - go 
for it!

rafe b.


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