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filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: VueScan: How do it know?

Preston wrote:
> I've managed to make three scans, but I don't know how I got
> it to work with scanner.

Is your computer a PC or a Mac?

> Upon opening, it just seems to sit there.

That's normal.  You should see the options in the first tab, and it should
list the source device as your scanner.  If it says "disk" or something
other than your scanner, it's not seeing the device.    Make sure you turn
on the scanner before you turn on the computer.

> None of the buttons (Preview, Scan, etc.) do anything.
> I can't get it to recognize the scanner.

Which begs the question how you made scans previously. :-7

> Should the VueScan software be loaded as a Photoshop plug-in?

No.  It doesn't work as a TWAIN application.  While on the subject, *never*
run the scanner's own software while Vuescan is running.  If you do, the
scanner will get confused and probably need to be switched off and on to
reset it.  Vuescan addresses the scanner directly via SCSI commands, so
any other program simultaneously trying to talk to the scanner will confuse

> Is the trial version crippled in some way such that I
> really need to pony up the $40 to see how the program really works?

No.  The only thing which happens as a "trial" is that the
program puts lines across the scan.

I haven't used your particular scanner, so I can't comment specifically
about it.  I think it's actually a USB device which may be the source of
the problem- afaik vuescan only supports USB in Windows?


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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