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Re: filmscanners: PS 6.0 v. PS 5.0 LE v. Jasc Paintshop Pro 7.02

PS-LE will get you started, Matthew. If you're an amateur, the $600 price of 
Adobe6.0 isn't justifiable, especially when you paid less for your scanner. 
If you plan to turn Pro, plan on "ramping up" your expenditures by a factor 
of 2 or 3, at least.

People speak well of the Jasc program, although I don't have it personally. 
There are other good programs available for less than $100 US. You might 
still be able to get CorelDraw/Photo v.9 for under $50 from deals.com 
(someone correct me if I remembered this wrong).

Best regards--LRA

>From: "S. Matthew Prastein" <smprastein@earthlink.net>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>Subject: filmscanners: PS 6.0 v. PS 5.0 LE v. Jasc Paintshop Pro 7.02
>Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 07:24:11 -0500
>I'm new to all this, just getting my feet wet, and have a very basic
>question about image processing software.  It's clear, from all the
>content here, that PS, and in particular PS 6.0, is the Rosetta stone,
>an essential professional tool for achieving image quality, and
>uniformity, in publishing.
>But what about lower-class people like me?  I'm an amateur, with very
>modest equipment (an Acer Scanwit 2740S and an Epson 900), very much
>in the learning mode.  Should I shell out the $500+ bucks, plus the
>learning time, to get a grip on 6.0?  Will 5.0 LE serve me better, at
>least in the learning phase and possibly for all time?  And what about
>the Jasc program?  It receives rave reviews in popular (i.e.
>non-professional) reviews, especially in computer publications, but I
>don't recall any reference to it in this list.  Why not?  What
>capabilities is it missing, that I really ought to have in order to do
>quality work?
>Put another way, how do I choose software that matches the
>capabilities of the rest of my system, and yet provides a reasonable
>path for future upgrade?

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