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Re: filmscanners: Primefilm 1800i

Well I dunno. I thought the dregs of the filmscanner market was the
Tamarack 2400 aka Jenoptik. I bought one a while ago from an outfit in Aus
who tried to talk me out of it (I took it on a discounted no-recourse
basis). It was actually reasonably OK till it sheared a gear in the
filmholder drive train. Even then it wasn't all that hard to postion the
film manually.

Anyway where all this is leading is that the sellers had decided that the
Primefilm was a better bottom end product that the Tamarack/Jenoptik albeit
at a slightly higher price and with lower (1800 vs 2400) resolution.

I have moved on to an HP Photsmart S20 and am now a happy pixie. Scans
slides, negs and small prints.

Also FWIW I once had the use of an Olympus ES-10 - not a good way to go -
there's too much USM in the firmware which makes things go a bit spotty and
does HORRID things to large non-detail areas like sky ....

At 00:28 10/07/01 +1000, you wrote:
>"Richard Schreurs" <schreurs@niob.knaw.nl> wrote:
>> Is this Primefilm scanner a good tool for my needs? How's the software
>> comes with it, and what is the difference between the 1800i and the
>From what I've read, the Primefilm isn't worth touching.  You'd be better
>with the Acer Scanwit.  For that matter, some of the flatbeds with film
>may be a better choice than the Primefilm.


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