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Re: filmscanners: Wierd Problem with my SS120!

Hi Lawrence,

I don't know what is causing your problems with shut downs, but often
these devices are thermally protected, so if they get too hot, they shut
down. Could it be the ventilation is blocked, or that it just is too hot
where you are scanning?  

Or could you be having voltage fluctuations (like a large compressor
(air conditioner?? or other device)) clicking on or off??


Lawrence Smith wrote:
> Am I cursed?  In the last 24 hrs, I have done a bit of scanning with the
> SS120.  BTW, after I calibrated it using the Silverfast IT8, it is producing
> colors that are nearly dead on, saturated, rich, wonderful colors!  I have
> however had some strange behavior from the scanner that I'm sure is not
> meant to occur.  Three times so far it has gone dead while doing a preview.
> When I say dead, I mean DEAD!  Power light goes dark, fan goes off, the
> thing basicaly shuts  itself off!  I can't imagine that this is a feature
> ;-0.
> As an aside, i am going to rescan the bottles and post the new calibrated
> images sometime today.
> Lawrence
> http://www.lwsphoto.com


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