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Re: filmscanners: scanners supporting the dust and scratch removal.......

Jack Phipps wrote:
> You can check our website: http://www.asf.com.
> On the following page of our FAQ questions 6 and 7 answer your question
> (I've listed them below).
> http://www.asf.com/support/FilmICEFAQs.shtml#Q6
> Q6:     Which scanners are available with Digital ICE?
> A6:     Acer's ScanWit 2740S
>         Minolta's Dimge(tm) Scan Elite
>         Nikon's Coolscan III and Super Coolscan 2000
>         Nikon's Coolscan IV ED, Super Coolscan 4000 ED and Super Coolscan
> 8000 ED incorporate Digital ICE as a component of the Digital ICE3 suite
>         Durst's Sigma professional film scanner

Am I mistaken, or doesn't the new Minolta Dimage Multi Pro also use
Digital ICE?

Although not Digital ICE, the new Canon FS-4000 does offer an infrared
based defect removal system called FARE.  Opinions seem to vary as to
how effective it is relative to the Digital ICE products, but samples
I've seen seem reasonable.

> Q7:     Besides purchasing a Digital ICE enabled scanner, is there another
> way to obtain Digital ICE implementation on my negatives or slides?
> A7:     Yes. Digital ICE is also available in scanners that are exclusively
> integrated into Digital Minilabs. Ask your photofinisher if their Digital
> Minilab has Digital ICE.

Gee, for a moment I thought you were going to suggest we buy a mini-lab



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