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Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS IV/Nikoscan 3.0

At 10:29 AM 7/6/01 +0200, you wrote:
>I've recently purchased a Nikon LS IV scanner. It was delivered with
>Nikonscan 3.0. While the scanner is ok, I don't like the software, since it
>crashes all the time and I have to restart my computer and I hate that. I
>heard the new version 3.1 is better. How can I get it? The salesman told me
>that new version could be downloaded from internet, but he couldn't give more
>details. If so, where and how could I get this program?
>My system is a Pentium III, 1 GHz, 512 Mb SDRAM, Matrox G450 32 Mb.
>Thanks a lot in advance,





I've had mostly good luck with NikonScan 3.1, though there 
were problems with the installation.

Specifically -- there were conflicts with some existing 
peripherals that caused NikonScan to run very slowly.  But 
no crashes, ever -- then or now.

Be on the lookout for conflicts with existing SCSI and/or 
USB devices.  Also, potential conflicts with Wacom pen pads.

I don't know if the LS IV is Firewire or not, but if it is, 
there are a couple of additional gotchas:  you need to be 
running Win98 2nd Edition or later, and you need to apply 
an OS patch to make Firewire behave, if it is Win98 SE.  
The patch was supplied on my NikonScan CD, or you can download 
it from Microsoft's website -- 


and search for "242975USA8.EXE" or maybe "IEEE 1394"

Like I said -- it was a messy installation, but now that 
the dust has settled, I like this program a lot.

rafe b.


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