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Re: filmscanners: OT: Film grain

Thanks for the enlightening (excuse the pun) essay regarding how film
speeds are determines.

I also had no idea that the decision was a mixture of standard and
consensus, and was always looking for conspiracy theories with
manufacturers in trenchcoats and secret handshakes ;-)

> and requires that amateur film be developed between 5 and 10 
> days after exposure while professional film is to be developed between 4 
> hours and 7 days after exposure (this is to mimic the conditions under which 
> such films are actually used). 

The only area in the explanation which I would be apt to question is the
belief that amateur photographers have their film processed in 5 to 10
days after exposure. Five to 10 months or years are more like it.

I can't count the number of films we used to get in our lab that had
baby and 4th grade graduation pictures or high school and college grad
pictures of the same child on the same roll!

And they wondered why the colors came out "weird"... ;-)



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