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Re: filmscanners: Problems with LS40 and Nikon Scan 3

At 09:58 PM 7/1/01 +0100, Jawed wrote:

[re: NikonScan peculiarities:]

>2. how can I persuade NS not to leave a gap of 20ish where the shadow data
>should be filling in?  It seems to me that if I don't set the black point on
>incoming scans, the images have a good overall tonality - but somewhat milky
>in the shadow range.

I see this over here also (on the 8000, with NS 3.1) and it 
is a bit odd, yes, but not that evil.  Sometimes I'll manually 
intervene in the Curves tool to move the black point to a 
few points below the darkest pixel.  Sometimes I just leave 
it that way and fix it up later in Photoshop.

Whatever it's doing, NS seems to do the right thing *most* 
of the time on my color negatives.  I haven't really learned 
how to outsmart it yet, nor do I feel any urgent need to 
"correct" its choices about color settins.

rafe b.


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