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Re: filmscanners: Film grain vs 2700 DPI scan resolution

At 07:26 PM 6/30/01 -0600, Frank Nichols wrote:

>1. With 200 film, is the grain "large" enough for the 2700 DPI to record it?
>If so could some one describe it (or email me a couple scan clips showing

To answer your question.  Yes.

Frank, the biggest single improvement in my photo 
"technique" these last couple of years was giving 
up on generic ISO 200 negative films.

I may have stumbled on to that discovery, but the 
difference in the scans was huge.  And I made this 
discovery (and saw the vast improvement in the scans) 
while using a 1950 dpi film scanner (Microtek 35t+).

Try a roll of Fuji Reala or Kodak Royal Gold and see 
if you don't agree.  Both are ISO 100.

As I write this, I'm scanning one of my favorite (old) 
images to see if the Nikon can improve on earlier scans.
What a pity -- the image is on Kodak Gold 400, and the 
grain is just awful.

rafe b.


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