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Re: filmscanners: On dust

This may be slightly OT, but I had to respond.  In short, most of what
you "know" about plutonium is BS.  Plutonium in small quantities is no
more dangerous than other radioactive substances.  That "one atom"
nonsense is pure hype, invented by those with various
political/economic/social agendas.  

Yes, these brushes are extremely effective in removing static cling,
which can attach dust specs to film with extreme tenacity.

That said, you DO want to return a "dead" StaticMaster for proper
disposal.  Its potential for mischief is about on a par with that of a
dead mercury wristwatch cell. But, as long as the brush is intact
there is absolutely NO hazard.

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001 22:29:35 -0700, you wrote:

>Frank Nichols wrote:
>> I am using PEC-12 with PEC PADS on "dirty" negs as a first step.
>> I found an anti-static brush (StaticMaster) which is plutonium charged. It
>> seems to work well on my neg strips. But, I was wondering if anyone had any
>> comments on if it is a gimmick (any soft brush would work) I assume the
>> plutonium qty is low enough not to think about, it is there just to create a
>> slight charge on the bristles.
>That better be polonium-210 not plutonium!  Plutonium is so dangerous 
>one atom is enough to cause cancer.  It is used in nuclear power plants. 
>  Polonium-210 (probably isn't pure, anyway) still isn't "safe" (no 
>ionizing radiation is) it is probably similar in danger to Americium 
>which is used in smoke detectors, but you don't keep a smoke detector 
>next to your hand hold it regularly... and the problem of discarding it 
>after you are done with it is a consideration as well...
>> I also use a Leland CO2 "The CO2 Power Source" instead of canned air - since
>> I read so many warning about the propellents in canned air. I am looking for
>> a good/cheap/small air compressor with oil and water traps. But in the
>> meantime the CO2 seems to work well and using the brush first I find I need
>> very little CO2 to finish.
>> Using these I have found that I have almost completely eliminated dust in my
>> scans. And I found that many cases that I thought previously were scratches
>> were in fact dirt - the PEC-12 wiping does wonders.
>> (Oh yeah, I moved a small - 16x12x6 - HEPA air filter onto my desk next to
>> my scanwit!)
>Clean compressed air is probably a good method of dust removal.  You are 
>right to be concerned about moisture and oil residue, but this can be 
>controlled for.


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