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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 30 day return policy

Lloyd O'Daniel wrote:
> Art, I told him about that scanner. He really didn't want to wait another 6
> months or more for it to hit the pipeline. Also, he has a 6x7 so the 6x6 max
> info you posted was a deal-killer. OTOH, I have a large collection of 645
> and 6x6 from years past. I might wait on this machine.

I only scanned the specs very quickly, and don't have the info in front
of me, so don't hold me to that 6 x 6 cm.  The unit might very well take
a 6 x7cm, perhaps others know more about it.  I think someone posted a
website URL from Minolta which probably gives more details.  I saw the
ad from Minolta (which makes me think this is going to be released very
soon) in a Pop Photo "special digital guide" on the newsstand.  It (the
ad) is designed to look just like a review, but it is their own ad, so
unless they are just trying to hold people in limbo to keep them from
buying either the Polaroid or Nikon, I'd think they must be very close
to release date.

If you are interested, you might want to contact Minolta and ask.



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