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Re: filmscanners: Film base deterioration (was Digital Shortcomings)

I haven't seen any film base deterioration yet in any of my
negs from the last 42 years (starting at age 10). I live in
the cool, moist UK, and they've been stored with no special
precautions. My octogenarian parents have lots of negs
stacked together in good condition in the original paper
wallets in their attic in cool, very moist South Wales.

We must have photographers posting here who're much older
than me. (You're only as old as your virtual personality,
and I don't feel a day over 90.) They're the folk from whom
we need to hear the hot, humid horror stories, or maybe
reassuring experiences from their centenarian grandparents.

Come on, old timers, bring out (or pour out) your negs!

BTW, all this discussion on longevity brings me to the same
conclusion as last time we had a prolonged archiving
discussion here - we need as much of *both* careful neg
storage *and* systematic digital archiving & rearchiving as
we can be bothered with.

Regards to all,

Alan T.

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Digital Shortcomings)


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