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Re: filmscanners: exposing C41 for scanning ( was gibberish header)

Raphael Bustin wrote:

> In my experience, it's the dense images that 
> are more likely to stress the scanner into 
> banding.  Alas, I have seen this even with 
> my LS-8000.  It's mortal, after all (boo hoo.)

The more I've worked with the name we pay extra to won, the more I 
recognize their feet of clay ;-)

> Mildly off-topic, but it's been hot as hell 
> over here on the US east coast in the last 
> few days, and I'm wondering if that isn't 
> at least partly the cause of my scanner's 
> recent misbehavior.  Scans done very early 
> this morning (while room temp was still 
> reasonable) came out fine.

You might be onto something more significant than you give it credit for.

You should mention this to Nikon.  There are a number of possible 
problems here, from power supply issues (both regulation within the 
scanner as well as the quality of "juice" you are getting overall from 
your power company.  Also, there might be a synergistic effect here, as 
your computer and other peripherals that are involved in scanning 
(memory, CPU, hard drive, SCSI connection) may also be going into a 

Also, keep in mind we are taking about very small increments of movement 
to create banding. Movement of the head in the scanner (due to viscosity 
changes of lubricants, dimensional changes of plastic and metal parts, 
the dimensionally of the lighting source LED network, the dimensionally 
of the film itself, etc, may all be changing more rapidly than normally 
or at least more extremely than under design and test conditions. 
Lastly, we know that CCDs work best under cool conditions.

So, power sources, power supplies, computer chips, peripherals, film 
stock and scanner components themselves could all enter into this.  If 
you have some air conditioning, why not try putting it on and see if 
lowering the room temperature helps to resolve the problems?


> rafe b.


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