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Re: filmscanners: Film base deterioration (was Digital Shortcomings)

Lynn Allen wrote:

> *Stone* is good (particularly granite, basalt, and combinations of the 
> two), providing you don't leave them out in the sun, rain, or sandstorms 
> for more than 10,000 years. ;-)
> At one time, Scribes laboriously re-recorded all the World's Wisdom, and 
> placed it in the Library of Alexandria for safekeeping. When the library 
> was sacked, and the scrolls were used to heat the baths of the 
> conquerors, that was lost, too. "Redundancy" is the only reason we 
> accidentally have any of that knowledge remaining today. Any questions?

I do, but I feel it might be redundant! ;-)

Department of Redundancy Dept.


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