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Re: filmscanners: Minolta DiMAGE Scan & Dimage 7 camera

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Rob Geraghty wrote:

> "rafeb" <rafeb@channel1.com> wrote:
> > Oh, indeed.  I think digital cameras are closing fast
> > on 35 mm format.  In another year or two there really
> > won't be any reason left to shoot 35 mm film.
> Only if the prices also come down.  I can't see the point in buying a 3Mpix
> digicam when I can buy a good 35mm SLR for half the price.  The digicams at
> 35mm type resolution are going to be expensive for a while yet...
> Rob
_____> AFAIk the cameras only support 8 bit output. Adjusting brightness
color on 24 bit images does result in artifacts, one can up the bit depth
for those resolutions to avoid the math problems, but still it's a
restricted dmax. Then if we are having problems with CCDs in scanners just
think of the problems in cameras.

How long until the selection of lenses for digital cameras matches that of
SLRs?   For this to happen, digital will have to get to good enough that
the format can be frozen long enough for multiple lens types to be
developed. A 28-200 zoom, but at what quality level? Remember a lens used
for digital work _must_ filter out all detail at less than half the
sampling frequency to avoid aliasing.


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