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RE: filmscanners: ACER Scanwit 2720S problem


Last first, I have read everything on the Photoscientia site twice and
expect I will again. I first got interested in scanning/digital photo
editing when I bought an HP 5370 flatbed (1200dpi) and tried to scan some
negatives. There is NO comparison between that and the Scanwit. However, I
have to take exception with almost everyone everywhere. For printing at 5x7
scanning negs from a 1200dpi flatbed "works". I have compared some printouts
(at 5x7) using both the Scanwit and the HP and there is a difference, but
the unclean masses (my wife and neighbors) don't notice even though if both
printouts are shown side by side then the Scanwith image always wins. For me
the difference is:

1. Cleaner data to work with.
2. More resolution means I can do more cropping.
3. I can print at 8x10 when I get the urge.
4. Vuescan works with both, but multipass scanning on the HP has
registration problems (ie. looks like a double exposure.) and multipass
scanning on the scanwit results in data that is, to this newbie, amazingly

I have only been at this for a couple months now, but it is a lot of fun! I
really got a kick out of my neighbors face when I returned a printout of her
an her new grandson. The picture had been a digital snapshot in a kitchen
with peeling paint, dirty dishes, etc... I removed the background and added
a "studio" blurred color background, enhanced the color and lighting, and
then took about 20 years of her face (soften wrinkles, remove spots, etc.!)

Anyway, back to the point, my next major challenge is color management. I
spent about the first 6 weeks getting prints with muddy colors and a cyan
cast. Then I discovered sRGB. I scan in sRGB, work in PS in sRGB and print
to my Epson 980 in sRGB and the match to my monitor is almost perfect.
However, reading the posts here recently it appears I may be giving up some
gamat doing that, so my next steps are:

1. Get a calibration system - with a spyder.
2. Get a new printer (looking for an Epson 1270 or 1280)
3. Figure out what the max gamat I can get from the printer and how to get
it to match my monitor.

Thanks for your help - sorry for taking up the bandwidth!


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From: owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
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Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 10:10 AM
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: RE: filmscanners: ACER Scanwit 2720S problem

Well I'll be damned. ;-) I guess I should have remembered you were a
"Newbie," but anytime I've ever done that (not secured the center section,
that is), the mechanism would start to load and then sit there and "grunt."
OK, I've learned that not all Scanwits are equal (as I had suspected). :-)

My 42-year-old slides (mostly) did fine on a Scanwit. For those which
didn't, Vuescan was a real help. BTW, as a new Acer user, you'll want to
look into the Photoscientia site.

Best regards, and keep having fun--LRA

>From: "Frank Nichols" <frank@theNichols.net>
>Reply-To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
>Subject: RE: filmscanners: ACER Scanwit 2720S problem
>Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 23:25:11 -0600
>What a great suggestion! The center "snaps" on the negative carrier don't
>snap cleanly/crisply like the end snap and sometimes the center of the lid
>of the carrier appears to bow slightly. I was afraid to force it, and so
>just left it like that. I have ordered two more negative carriers (so I can
>be cleaning and loading while scanning) and I will see if they are better.
>Also, I will fiddle with these and see if I can improve the action.
>Whatever made you think of that?
>ps: I picked up a box of european travel/tourist junk (maps, postcards,
>etc.) from an auction tonight, and found a couple hundred commerical slides
>in the bottom! These are from the late 70's and early 80's. THey are all in
>the original boxes/pouches - I have started scanning them in for fun and
>practice and the images are fantastic (to a lame newbie like me!) I am
>surprised the color has survived this long. I guess being in a storage
>container for the past 15 years didn't hurt them! I won't be getting too
>much sleep tonight - this is just way to much fun!
>-----Original Message-----
>From: owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>[mailto:owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk]On Behalf Of Alan Womack
>Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 7:49 PM
>To: Majordomo leben.com
>Subject: re: filmscanners: ACER Scanwit 2720S problem
>I've never had this happen, only two thoughts come to mind.  The clips on
>the film carrier are not CLIPPED tightly, double squeeze them to make sure.
>Defective.  Check the film strip holders and if those are tight, exchange
>  >>  Hi,
>  >>  I just got an ACER Scanwit 2720s last week and I see there are some
>  >>  Scanwit
>  >>  users here - so, thought I would ask about a problem I am having.
>  >>  Using either Vuescan 7.1.3 or MiraPhoto the unit will occasionally
>  >>  track" of the negative carrier position. By this I mean that if I
>a 4
>  >>  neg strip in positions 1-4 or in positions 3-6 and select to scan one
>  >>  them I will get a different frame back - ie. selecting 4 returns 5.
>  >>  also occurs when batch scanning - ie. I will only get 3 of the 4
>  >>  and
>  >>  a blank.
>  >>  I have tried both MiraPhoto and Vuescan when this occurs and it is
>  >>  repeatable in both (it happens every time) once it starts happening.
>  >>  don't
>  >>  see any obvious sequence that leads to it. I somes have scanned in 10
>  >>  15
>  >>  strips with no problem.
>  >>  Once the problem occurs it is repeatable 100% until I turn the
>  >>  and back on.
>  >>  I have tried both with and without a SCSI terminator.
>  >>  Any suggestions before contact Tech Support? (I called tech support
>  >>  yesterday and was on hold for over an hour before I gave up.)
>  >>  Frank Nichols
>  >>  Newbie - and proud of it!
>Epson Inkjet Printer FAQ: http://welcome.to/epson-inkjet

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