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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000 ED Banding

This is sounding a lot like Epson's micro printing mode to eliminate 
banding during printing.  It seems it might be using the middle CCD row, 
which is probably most stable of the three.  As you said, it would slow 
things down quick a bit.

The dense scan banding brings back memories of my HP PhotoSmart... Seems 
CCD scanners still are not quite "there"... maybe a few more generations?


rafeb wrote:

> As luck/fate would have it, I'm now seeing very similar 
> banding to what Lawrence Smith reported and demonstrated 
> with his sample slide a day or two back.  In a nutshell:
> vertical banding on a landscape-format negative (horizontal 
> banding on a lansdcape-format slide) that looks a bit like 
> venetian blinds.  Very regular and periodic.
> I've seen it now on both slides and negatives.  The 
> problem may be related to overly-dense transparencies, 
> but then again maybe not.
> I'm not sure if this banding has always been here on 
> this scanner, or if it just appeared.  In any case it's 
> pretty awful, at least on some images.
> I just got off the phone with Nikon Tech support 
> (800-NIKON-UX) and they did offer the following solution, 
> which did eliminate the banding:  In the Tools Pallette, 
> under "Scanner Extras", item "CCD Scan Mode" -- check the 
> "Super Fine Scan" box.


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