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RE: filmscanners: Banding Problem with Nikon 8000ED Scanners

At 12:15 PM 6/24/01 -0400, Lawrence wrote:
>I got mine from State Street Direct Online.  As for jumping in, I'd wait
>till this issue is understood.  It is a growing concern at Nikon.  Pehaps
>Rafe could jump in here and offer his experience.  Rafe, are you on a Mac or
>PC?  Are you seeing any problems?

[re: wide banding running left-right on a landscape-
format image, scanned on LS-8000]

2nd take... way past my bedtime (6/25) but I just got 
through scanning a very old, very dense slide and see 
exactly the same thing, in certain areas of the image.  
FWIW, in order to get anywhere near the right gamma out 
of this slide, I had to crank the exposure WAY up.

The scanner seems cranky on slides.  Auto-focus and 
auto-exposure nowhere near as reliable as with negative 
film.  Fortunately for me I don't shoot slides all that 
much these days.

This is the day for the 8000 to show some ugliness.

Earlier this evening I scanned a 12-year old negative. 
Basically in OK shape.  None of my other scanners could 
deal with the dynamic range in this image, and the 
extreme density in the sky.  There's detail everywhere 
in the negative, but previous scanners just blew out 
all of the sky detail.

First pass scanning this thing on the 8000, I was 
delighted.  Gorgeous detail, everywhere!  But wait -- 
what's this???  Banding quite visible in the left-
hand edge of the frame, where the negative is most 
dense.   Adjusting the exposure to get rid of the 
banding, I find that, at the point where the banding 
goes away, the sky is blown out again, just like with 
my Polaroid scanner.  Bummer.

rafe b.


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