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Re: filmscanners: NikonUSA warranty service

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Todd Radel wrote:

> Or, at the very least, to at least have laid eyes on the product they're
> supposed (alleged?) to be supporting! Case in point: the Acer techs who have
> never seen a 2740, had no film scanners on their desks (or even in a nearby
> lab) in which to reproduce users' problems or to become familiar with the
> product, and had no idea what "MiraPhoto" was, let alone "SCSI". And they
> freely admitted all of this to me over the phone.

This AM, while talking to a Nikon tech, I 
did a scan using the stand-alone version 
of NikonScan, per the tech's request.  

When the scan is complete, you have your 
scan in a window in NikonScan.  I asked 
the tech if there was a way (inside this 
program) to look at the individual color 
channels.  I was met with a resounding 
"Huh?"  The tech clearly had no idea 
what I was talking about.  This seems a 
bit lame for someone whose job it is to 
support film scanner users.

rafe b.


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