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filmscanners: ACER Scanwit 2720S problem


I just got an ACER Scanwit 2720s last week and I see there are some Scanwit
users here - so, thought I would ask about a problem I am having.

Using either Vuescan 7.1.3 or MiraPhoto the unit will occasionally "loose
track" of the negative carrier position. By this I mean that if I have a 4
neg strip in positions 1-4 or in positions 3-6 and select to scan one of
them I will get a different frame back - ie. selecting 4 returns 5. This
also occurs when batch scanning - ie. I will only get 3 of the 4 frames and
a blank.

I have tried both MiraPhoto and Vuescan when this occurs and it is
repeatable in both (it happens every time) once it starts happening. I don't
see any obvious sequence that leads to it. I somes have scanned in 10 to 15
strips with no problem.

Once the problem occurs it is repeatable 100% until I turn the Scanwit off
and back on.

I have tried both with and without a SCSI terminator.

Any suggestions before contact Tech Support? (I called tech support
yesterday and was on hold for over an hour before I gave up.)

Frank Nichols
Newbie - and proud of it!


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