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Re: filmscanners: ScanWit Yellow stain

Further to Art's comprehensive troubleshooting tips..

I hope I am wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's the lamp - & 
therefore will be expensive to fix..
Best of luck - I presume you have spoken/pleaded with Honda Lo?
(Tell him that the good karma you would give out, from receiving a 
replacement unit outside warranty, might bring MANY sales....)


Anyway, if you are unable to get it sorted..., may I also offer a quick, 
totally un-thought-out solution?
Note that this is coming from a non-professional source, so is probably way 
off target..

If the stain is consistent, could you not scan a blank frame to get a 
'profile' of it, then reverse that, maybe blur it a bit, and apply it to 
your image in Photoshop/whatever?  Not a nice addition to your workflow 
(and ask someone *else* how to do it quickly!), but once you got the hang 
of it..

Mark T.

..who reckons all problems are easy to solve (provided they're not mine..)   :)

At 04:39 PM 25/06/01 -0700, Art wrote:

>Dear Jerry,
>I just took a look at your attachment in Photoshop.  Of course, it is
>heavily artifacted due to the downsampling and Jpegging.
>The first thing..
Oostrom, Jerry wrote:

>   > Hi Alan,
>   >
>   > I recently received my scanner back from Acer, but it still showed
>the same
>   > problems. Here I have an example of an overexposed negative..
(snipped again)


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