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RE: filmscanners: ScanWit Yellow stain

Hi Alan,

I recently received my scanner back from Acer, but it still showed the same
problems. Here I have an example of an overexposed negative, which gave a
perfect fine grained print, but scanning with the Scanwit 2720S is useless
for such overexposed negatives as the negative is too dark for the (my)
scanwit to scan. I don't know if it is the lightbulb which gives uneven
illumination or dust on the lenses, CCD failures etc, but the outer sides of
the CCD give too much noise on a dark negative / positive and in case of a
negative this results in yellowish banding.

Here I show you the scan, downsampled a lot of times. I did use either
Vuescan or Miraphoto white balance (which clearly failed, but I know I
checked both programs for their results: you get this strange color cast). I
didn't try to remove the color cast, but you can still clearly see the
yellow / brownish banding along the long edges. The one on the side of the
frame where the left door is located is very prominent, it corresponds to
the floor side of the film holder as you insert it in the scanner.

I sent AcerCM some of my new scans (or links to the scans) made with the
'repaired' unit and they went very silent :-(
I don't know if that has to do with vacations or whatever. I think they know
they didn't solve the problem during the repairs and they can't solve it
without changing a lightbulb or CCD, which is probably too expensive.
Unfortunately, my warranty expired during the repair period, so there is not
much left to do.
I tried some things on my side as well to see if the problem has to do with
electronic interference (somebody on this list suggested that some time
ago), but I don't know enough about electronics to do some educated tests: I
wrapped the SCSI cable in aluminium foil, but it was to no avail. I'll try
one last thing this week: hook up the scanner on another group than the PC.
This is my last hope. I've seen the monitor flickering, so it could be that
the current or voltage is not stable enough in the group of the PC.

almost scanwitless,


BTW. I Bcc'd a new contact at AcerCM who was willing to offer some help. I
hope he will react, even if it is to tell me he can't help.

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> From: Alan Womack [SMTP:arwbackup@worldnet.att.net]
> Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 6:13 AM
> To:   Majordomo leben.com
> Subject:      filmscanners: ScanWit Yellow stain
> Has anyone gotten an answer from Acer on this yet?  My one year warranty
> expired before I realized I had a problem with the scanner and not the
> negative itself.  :)
> Alan
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