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Re: filmscanners: Banding Problem with Nikon 8000ED Scanners


I keep checking with B&W in New York City but they tell me that the 8000 has
not begun to ship from Nikon. NikonUSA told me last week that it should be
in the stores. Fact is I was going in the city today to search around for
one. Where did you buy the one you have?

However, I wonder whether I should wait even if it is around given the
problem you and others are having with banding. Hopefully you will give us
updates about your problem with the 8000.


> My Nikon 8000ED arrived a few days ago and I discovered (much to my
> that my scanner has a problem.  I am getting distinct, regular horizontal
> bands in my scans.  I have sent Nikon tech support an example and this has
> been forwarded to engineers in Japan.  There are  reports of this issue as
> well from other users.  I have a suspicion that the unit will be heading
> for service.  Not too happy about sending a brand new scanner in for
> :-(  This is what occasionally happens when riding the bleeding edge.  I
> keep hearing the words 'firmware' and 'win2000' and LS-4000 and some known
> issue with it that is only visible in the 8000.  hmmmm Oh well, I'll let
> all know what the outcome is...
> Lawrence
> http://www.lwsphoto.com


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