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Re: filmscanners: what defines this quality?

Sorry Lynn, you are several months (which in this biz is centuries) out 
of date.

Epson (the printer people) with Cambridge Institute (I believe this is 
in Boston) have developed a method for using inkjet technology to spray 
some type of transistors onto substrates, to make a color panel which 
uses room reflective light source to create bright colored images that 
can be changed at will electronically.  It only requires an edge 
connector to be activated.

This stuff will be so cheap to produce within a few years, and can be 
sprayed on so many different substrates, that you'll being seeing video 
"Weakies" commercials on the cereal box in the grocery store, very 
likely in YOUR lifetime (as long as you don't do anything too strenuous 

And, BTW, as mentionedm, the more expensive version of this, using LCD 
technology is already available, but is only for people like Bill Gates, 
who has just such a thing.  Smaller versions are available for the 
little people (;-0) in places like "Sharper Image" catalogues.


Lynn Allen wrote:

> Hi, Steve--
> Yes, this is sort of what I was talking about, on a lesser scale--I had 
> the idea back in the 80's, Ray Bradbury had it back in the 40's. :-) 
> It's a little bit "Star Trek," but the concept is valid. Thanks for 
> passing on the web site. As of now, the technology is too expensive and 
> too limited--it still needs a breakthrough or several.
> I knew the mother of an engineer/physicist whose field was liquid 
> crystal research. He hit so many brick walls (in the 60's & 70's) that 
> he had a nervous breakdown and eventually committed suicide. True fact.
> Eventually, Bradbury's concept will come about, and you'll actually be 
> able to put movies of the African Veldt on the wall of your kids' room. 
> Not in my lifetime, though, and the kids will *probably* not be able to 
> turn the lions loose on their parents. ;-)
> Best regards--Lynn Allen


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