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filmscanners: Infrared dust removal accuracy

I have some vague idea of how infrared scanning is used to remove dust and
scratches from film scans on scanners that have this capability. Is there
any possibility that this method could mistake elements of the actual image
on the film for the undesirable dust or scratch and thereby "remove" parts
of the photographic image? Has anyone had observations or done any testing
in this regard? Perhaps photographinq a high contrast texture or the white
fluff from poplar trees floating in the air aqainst a dark background and
then surgically placing lint on one half the film to be scanned for
comparison? I am currently "stuck" with an Artixscan 4000T which, of course,
does not have this capability as far as I know.
 If my vague knowledge of this subject has caused me to ask an rtfm type
question I apologize in advance. I will infer my thickheadedness from any
polite responses, no need to say it out loud. :-) Thanks.



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