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Re: filmscanners: Digital Shortcomings

Respectfully, many pros are switching to digital.  Lucas recently was quoted as saying that he can think of no reason to go back to film (having shot with digital HD).   Sports Photogs at Sydney 2000 were finding that the Canon D-30 gave them as good a result of freeze-frame action as Provia and Velvia - but without the sometimes nagging pinhole bubbles in the emulsion.
Basically if you can afford the high end resolution cameras, you are close to being able to replace film.  And shooting on film really doesn't give you more ways to make money on your work.  A lot (if not most) film these days gets telecine'd so that it can be rebroadcast via HD, digital Cable, DBS or DVD.  Shooting straight to digital removes this expensive step.
That said, I'm still all in film - because I like enlarging past the point that the D-30 image holds up, and I can't afford a scanning back for my 4x5
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Subject: Re: filmscanners: Digital Shortcomings

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stuart@shaws2000.fsnet.co.uk wrote:

>> Just wondering, if "glamour" a code word porn these days...
> No :-))

My reason for asking this actually had a purpose, beyond the humorous.
Getting quality color processing for certain type of images can prove
problematic in certain parts of the world.  I'd think (why would I know?
;-)) that this is an area where digital proves quite, shall we say,
"convenient", as the "instant" films used to be.

The porn industry is a legitimate business and I wouldn't think there'd be a
problem finding a lab that would process film for it.  As I've said before,
shooting on film gives you more ways to make money from your work, so a pro
would not typically shoot with a digital camera.  I suspect that most porn
shot in digital format is done with video cameras by husbands and wives for
their own personal consumption.  Pros would want to shoot film, if it'd make
more money for them.

Well, I guess I get to tie the knot in this thread.  We're off topic and I
don't want to cause Tony any more grief than he already has with other
issues.  And I certainly don't want him to banish me to wherever he banished




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