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Re: filmscanners: Time to upgrade: Opinions wanted

What are the interfaces - USB or SCSI?  Do you need a separate card.  I have
USB ports but no SCSI, so I opted for the Coolscan IV.  I figured a good
SCSI card would add about US$150 to the cost.

I like the LED lighting source and the dynamic range.  My read on low cost
35mm film scanners is that dynamic range is the key factor.  Nikon publishes
a better dynamic range for the Coolscan IV over the LS-2000, higher bit
depth and higher ppi value too.  Everything that I found to read before I
bought gave the edge to the LS-2000 over any other non-Nikon scanner.  I
figured that the Coolscan IV would be a better LS-2000.  I also like the

The performance of the Coolscan IV has met or exceeded my expectations.  So
far I have sized prints to 15"X10" with the Genuine Fractals that comes
packaged with the Coolscan IV with incredible detail, better detail than an
Ilfochrome of the same size enlarged on my Durst M601 with a Rodenstock
Rodagon 50mm and no digital noise.  I have never seen a jaggie.

I think that the Polaroid would be worth a hard look at the current price.
Its price exceeded my limit when I looked.  But with no IR dust elimination,
I think that I would still opt for the Coolscan IV.

Nikon's 24/7 telephone support in the US instantly bailed me out of
configurations problems.  Unlike some others, I have had no problems with
NikonScan 3.0 and now 3.1.  But also get Vuescan.  It's a great $40 program
and does some things better than NikonScan, I like NikonScan better only for
color negatives. Vuescan is better for Kodachrome and most E6.  I have not
yet formed an opinion on B&W negatives.

Good shopping

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Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2001 7:23 PM
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Time to upgrade: Opinions wanted

> What about Polaroid Sprintscan 4000? The price tag is the same as Coolscan
> IV. Canon CanoScan FS4000US  is about $100 more, Dimage Scan Elite 2820dpi
> is almost $300 cheaper.
> I am facing the same though decision. Hopefully somebody will bring some
> light.


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