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Re: filmscanners: Hazy bleed in hi contrast blacks on LS2000

At 5:06 am -0400 6/6/01, IQ3D@aol.com wrote:
>using the LS2000 for some time now and have been very pleased
>with the results. Just recently however we have put through a batch of slides
>with subjects against black backgrounds. The scans have all got a hazy halo
>round all the bright areas

I doubt that it's flare from dust or stuff (but you could give it a 
good blast with canned air to see). I've seen this with my LS2000 
too. It happens where there are large light areas next to black. The 
best explanation that I've heard is a kind of electronic flare - CCD 
cells reaching a high enough voltage when strongly illuminated to 
induce a higher voltage in their neighbours. Being as the neighbours 
should be reporting near zero output for black even a small boost is 
significant. Maybe the processing makes it worse.

I've found a high bit multipass scan (best with Vuescan but 
Silverfast's almost as good) & careful Photoshop the only way to fix 

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