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Re: filmscanners: [OT] Epson printers (Was: Olympus P-400 printer ???)

James Hill wrote:

> The 2880 printing uses smaller steps by the stepper motor and actually
> does provide smoother tones in the mid to highlight end.  The
> difference in 2880 and 1440 is really only visible under a loupe or if
> you regularly sniff prints, as I have been known to do.<g>  At normal
> viewing distances the difference is not visible.  2880 printing will
> slow down the print speed considerably and probably uses a tiny bit
> more ink.  I would use it for my Best work, for show or sale, but not
> for most of what I print on a daily basis.
> --James Hill

I too noticed very minimal differences.  It probably allows for more 
forgiving prints if you have a slightly clogged nozzle, and helps to 
prevent banding more.  Overall it just seemed like me as a way to slow 
down the printers, with minimal return.

This is more specsmanship to be "bigger" than the competitors then about 
improved image. Since current stepper motors continue to get cheaper and 
finer, its a no cost option for Epson, IMHO.



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