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Re: filmscanners: Was New Nikon performance, now dust

In a message dated 6/10/2001 6:22:35 PM EST, kingphoto@mindspring.com writes:

> The Agfa is definitely softer,
>  no argument there, but when I apply unsharp masking to the Agfa scan
>  on the order of 75%, 0.8 radius, 0 threshold to the Agfa scan, which
>  is my normal amount to sharpen grain with the T-2500, it is about as
>  sharp as the unsharpened Nikon scan.

Unsharp masking isn't a reasonable way to compare the scans, since
this doesn't get to the root of why there's a difference between the
results from the two scanners.

A good test would be to turn off "Device|Auto focus" and
manually vary the focus on the Nikon.  This will give a good
indication of whether the clarity of the dust spots is related to
the focus of the scanner.

Ed Hamrick


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