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Re: filmscanners: Was New Nikon performance, now dust

OK, here's my shot at this.  This is a Fuji Sensia 100 slide I've used
before for testing, so it's not pristine, but it's otherwise in pretty
good shape.  I made no attempt to clean it before this test.  It's
mounted in a Quickpoint mount for flatness (which BTW, work very
well).  Both scans done in Vuescan 7.0.21 at the default settings as
per Ed's suggestion.  But I had to override the defaults for the
T-2500 to be sure it was scanning at 2500dpi and set for slide film.
Jpegs are at 8 quality.

The T-2500 scan (agfsnipVS) is a bit softer and flatter than the LS-30
scan (niksnipVS).  After sharpening and correcting tone on both scans,
I thought the T-2500 scan rendered image detail slightly better than
the LS-30 (maybe), but these files not sent as Ed requested only the
default result.


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