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RE: OT: Re: filmscanners: open and control


I am willing to accept what you say about the thickness and length of 620
compared to 120.  I just seem to remember reading and hearing that it was
slightly different especially in thickness and maybe length. Well, so much
for relying on memory. :-)  Happy to be corrected when wrong; but my
understanding as to differences in thickness would help explain curl - too
bad it evidently does not fit the facts.

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120 and 620 film were the same size width, length and thickness. The only
difference was the shape of the spools. The 620 spool had a very thin core
and slim ends. The 120 spool had a thicker core and fatter ends. The 620
spool and film together made a  more compact package than a spool of 120. If
I remember correctly, there were problems with film curl with 620.  There
were very few high end camera that used 620. Hasselblad always used 120.


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