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Re: filmscanners: Infrared scan

At 08:27 09-06-01 -0700, shAf wrote:
>Rob writes ...
> > I just tried scanning a slide and outputting a colour TIFF
> > and an IR one. It was very educational.  Any sort of mark,
> > scratch or dust spot is utterly black in the IR scan.
> > Some of the image is also visible as is some of the grain,
> > which probably explains why the image is softened by ICE.
>     Exactly ... and the softening can be obvious with the Nikonscan
>version of ICE.  Vuescan's algorithm, on the other hand, turned on
>dust removal only in the region of what the IR image indicated as
>total opacity (black).  I remember being amazed with Ed's algorithm in
>the later versions of v.6 ... BUT, it seems to me someone complained
>about Vuescan's "clean" function again softening in early versions of
>v.7.  I believe Ed admitted as much and promised a fix.

Just curious but is any of Nikon's ICE code in firmware or is it all 
contained in NikonScan?

Cary Enoch Reinstein aka Enoch's Vision, Inc., Peach County, Georgia
http://www.enochsvision.com/ http://www.bahaivision.com/ -- "Behind all 
these manifestations is the one radiance, which shines through all things. 
The function of art is to reveal this radiance through the created object." 
~Joseph Campbell


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