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Re: filmscanners: Ghosting on the Acer 2740S

The fact that it occurs on multi-pass scans and not otherwise, seems to 
suggest an alignment problem.  The scanner might not be able to maintain 
perfect alignment with multiple passes.  Since I do not know if these 
scanners were designed for multi-pass I can't comment whether this is 
considered a defect or not.  However, the 2740S has to do at least two 
scans when it does dICE, because the IR scan is done separately from the 
visible light scan, so it should hold alignment at least for the two. 
I'm not sure the best way to determine if it is doing so, however, other 
than perhaps, placing both the IR and visible scan into photoshop and 
comparing channels.


Lynn Allen wrote:

> This sounds suspiciously like the "ghosting" that another member was getting 
>on astronomy pictures with a different scanner. The jury's still out on what 
>is/was causing it.
> I can't get my Acer 2027S to do this, although it will produce *other* 
>curious aberations. Of course, I don't have IR, either.
> Best regards--LRA
> --
> Original message:
>>> In a message dated 5/29/2001 12:22:18 PM EST, arwbackup@worldnet.att.net 
>>> writes:
>> Running my new 2740S with the latest VueScan, when I try multiple passes or
>> the extra-long IR scan, I see a ghost image displaced slight upwards.  I
>> have no trouble on single scans.  Is this something wrong with the Acer,
>> the software, or am I doing something stupid?  I haven't checked yet with
>> Acer.
>> Thanks.
>> Matt Prastein
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