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filmscanners: Scanner software (was Sprintscan 120 and new negative proile scheme)

At 09:07 AM 6/8/01 -0400, Johnny Deadman wrote:

 >OK, here's my 2 cents on this.
 >Now, once you can do all this you can add as many consumer-friendly bells
 >and whistles as you like. But UNTIL you can do it... yeah, well, you get it.
 >So, film profiles? Who cares? There's a lot of stuff to get right first.

I agree. Perhaps it's the feature bloat disease that Microsoft pioneered - 
call a bug a feature and add more features rather than fix the fundamentals.

And interface design - that's for wimps, real users don't need a simple 
interface. This is hard stuff right? So it should be hard to use.

I'll learn something hard if it has a payoff (e.g. photoshop), but with my 
ss4000 I do the minimum in the scanner software and go to photoshop.

I enjoy your refreshing comments.


Roy Smyth, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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