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Re: filmscanners: Sprintscan 120 and new negative proile scheme

Austin wrote:

> I completely disagree with that
> philosophy.  Films have certain characteristics that photographers
> particular films for.  I don't want every film to give me the same
> People never did this in the darkroom, so why do it in digital?

With one film term for transparencies and color management, individual
film characteristics is exactly what you do get.  *Effective* film
terms for color negative films will get closer to a specific films'
characteristics, not further away, and the problem to solve is
ineffective film terms.

> Just my opinion having been a professional photographer for 20+
> Also note, no one ever used film profiles for the Leafscan, which
was one of
> the most prolific high end scanner used for the past 10 years, nor
did they
> ever ask for them.  I don't know if they were ever used for any
> scanners, the SS4k was the first one I found that had them, and I
> like them.

The Leaf was designed before practical color management.  Scans from a
correctly calibrated and color managed scanner will look very much
like the original when you first bring it into PS unless you've worked
on it in the scan software.  Who wouldn't want that?  If the film
terms for the SS4000 didn't give you this, either the terms weren't
accurate, the scanner wasn't calibrated well, or your system's CM
wasn't set up correctly.



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