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Re: filmscanners: OT: Kodak RSF 3600 (was:The whole frame

Lynn Allen wrote:

 > Advantix, it seems to me, is a perfect example of "over-reaching." 
It's a wonderful concept,

but they have few "real" cameras to back it up--and established 
camera-makers are not *about*

to forget 110 and The Disc.  Their digital cameras and systems show 
similar disregard for

important Real-World concepts.
 > "And so it goes." :-)
 > Best regards--LRA

Well, not to be argumentative... heck, yes, to be argumentative, why not.;-)

I think there are more APS cameras on the market made by the major
camera manufacturers, than there were 110 or disc cameras.  Minolta,
Nikon, Pentax, etc, all have APS models, and usually several to choose from.

But you are absolutely correct that Kodak has a business plan involving 
introducing new formats when sales begin to drop.

However, the idea of giving away 100 rolls of film to sell a scanner is 
a new one for them.  Of course, they keep their lab clients happy, by 
providing them business, while selling them chemistry and papers (this 
stuff comes without processing, I'm quite sure).



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