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filmscanners: OT: Kodak RSF 3600 (was:The whole frame

Although I'm getting totally off-topic here (again!!), I think it's appropriate 
to mention that Kodak is a *film specialist* and has been since the 1880's. 
Their ventures into "hardware" have largely been to sell film, right from the 
git-go. If I've seemed hard on Kodak, it's because I love 'em (sorta). I have 
at least 50 of their cameras. :-)

IMHO, Kodak's ventures into other venues (cameras, projectors, and now Imaging 
Systems and Film Scanners), has always been somewhat self-serving and 
consequently misdirected, vis-a-vis what they can produce vs. what the Working 
Photographer really wants and needs, either as "dedicated amateur" or 
professional. This may explain why Leitz, Rollei, Hasselblad, Nikon, Minolta 
*et al* do not make film! Whatever. :-)

Advantix, it seems to me, is a perfect example of "over-reaching." It's a 
wonderful concept, but they have few "real" cameras to back it up--and 
established camera-makers are not *about* to forget 110 and The Disc.  Their 
digital cameras and systems show similar disregard for important Real-World 

"And so it goes." :-)

Best regards--LRA


On Tue, 05 Jun 2001 22:29:50  
 Arthur Entlich wrote:
>Dave Suurballe wrote:
>> Good idea; certainly worth considering...
>> I'm scanning now with a Kodak RFS 3600, and it doesn't scan outside the
>> standard frame dimensions.
>> Dave
>Speaking of the RFS-3600, Kodak is again lowering prices on it.  They 
>are now offering 3600 frames of film (100 rolls of 36 exp) Ektachrome or 
>T-Max or Tri-X or a couple of color neg films free with the purchase. 
>You have to acquire 10 rolls at a time, I believe.

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