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Re: filmscanners: CD RW Deal

You can get Kodak CD-R Ultima 80 (Gold/Silver 700MB, 80 Min) with 
InfoGuard (with printable surface) in 100 pack spindles for $59. $65 
delivered. Sure others can quote equal to or better.

From: "Lynn Allen" <lynn_allen@angelfire.com>
>Mine are costing me about $1.50 (for CD-R's) to $3.50 (for RW's), 
>and if that triples, I'll be more prone to erasing and rewriting the 
>CD-RW's! I hope they've thought of that. :-)
>Best regards, and have a great Show!--Lynn
>>>  >The shortages are blamed on three things:
>>>  >Soaring demands
>>>  >Consolidation among CD manufacturers
>>>  >High patent royalties
>>>There was another signifficant reason listed: a lot of small companies
>>>geared up their factories and went "b*lls-out" to produce discs without
>>>purchase orders. Then they were stuck with inventories which they sold at
>>>bankrupcy prices (in fact the case with many companies). Hence, the
>>>10-cent CD-R.
>>>PC World didn't speculate whether the "Three-times Increase" would be for
>>>the 10-cent discs, or across the board. We'll see. :-)
>>Larry Berman
>  >
>  >
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