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Re: filmscanners: VueScan information

On Wed, 06 Jun 2001 08:00:21  
 Marvin Demuth wrote:
>I am picking up "bits and pieces" of information on getting started with 
>VueScan from reading the messages and the help file information.
>Surely there is more efficient way to be introduced to VueScan.
>Can anyone refer me to other VueScan information?

This is altogether too simplistic an answer, and I hesitate to even offer 
it--but when you load Vuescan, a message box somes up asking you whether you 
want to print the Help pages, or something to that effect (or used to, anyway). 
Like most computer users, I ignored that for my first few versions (Ed seems to 
update almost daily!);-)--but soon I said, "OK, why not?" 

Here's the thing: Ed is one helluva programmer, but as a "documentor" I'd have 
sent him back to college to hone his tech-writing skills, months ago! ;-)  Be 
that as it may, after an hour or so of editing the Help pages--and eliminating 
the last several pages of largely irrelevant tech data--I turned it into a 
halfway-decent manual. I'd send it to you, but mine was version 5.9, and Ed's 
already on v.7.[something] now.

Best thing to do, IMO (and I hate when people tell me to "read the manual"), is 
to do more or less what I did--edit the Help pages in your favorite 
word-processor so they make sense to you, then just sit down in front of the TV 
and during commercial breaks, hi-light what looks important to how you're going 
to be using it. Then, dedicate some hours to playing with the program. You can 
*try* to get some serious work done, but don't expect much at first. VS doesn't 
have a very useful index for zeroing in on a problem. (Yeah, as if *Photoshop* 
did!) :-|

I'm not as dedicated a Vuescan fanatic as others on the filmscanners list, and 
I use the program mostly for problem scans--which is a primary reason why I'm 
not very expert at it. But it's pulled me out of hot water more than a few 
times, and for *that* it's worth every penny of the $40 I paid for it! :-)

For specific problems, Ed is pretty good about support. That would be: 
EdHamrick@aol.com. When you have a problem, be sure to have it pretty-well 
documented and laid-out, to get his best response. If you can include a small 
example (under 80kb), so much the better.

Good luck & good scanning--Lynn Allen

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