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Re: filmscanners: OT: Monitor compatability

No limitations whatsoever. Monitor cables same as on PC, on new Macs, 
and most monitor companies send along a DB15 adapter (DB15 to HDDB15) 
for earlier Macs. There are also some very interesting all digital 
monitor possibilities, which you can read up on the Apple website. 
But analog connections are there as well, which use the typical 
HDDB15 (3 rows of 5 pins) or Super VGA connection.

If he is doing video film editing (versus slid/negative film) 
editing, the new Macs can also be equipped with DVD-CD_RW drives for 
video authoring in real time, complete with an authoring suite of 
software. The DVD-R drive lets you edit and save in DVD format.

Of course there are the Adobe software packages such as Premiere - -

The Mit Diamond Pro 920 is a great (analog CRT) monitor -

The all digital monitors ( TF-LCD) will allow flicker free hi-rez 
video authoring in real-time. These systems eliminate the analog to 
digital type interface found on some so-called "digital" systems.

>A stupid question no doubt but I have to be sure before I spend the money:
>I am in the PC world.  My son the film student needs a Mac for film editing
>so I'll get him a Power Mac G4 dual processor.  Any concerns in monitor
>compatibility - i.e. can we just pick the monitor and it will work or does
>Apple have some proprietary mechanism limiting my choices?  In case it
>matters we're leaning toward the 19" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920.


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