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Re: filmscanners: Device Profile in "VueScan"

Maris  writes ...

> From: "Ramesh Kumar_C" <RKumar_C@zaplet.com>
> | Maris V. Lidaka, wrote:
> | Based on your statement, following is my understanding.
> |
> | Minolta will have provided a Profile file, which will be laying
some where
> | in my PC. Vuescan will use this profile when "Device RGB" is
selected in
> | "Color | Color Space".
> That is correct.

    Vuescan is not aware of any association any scanner has with any
device profile located anywhere on your computer.  When you choose
"device RGB" it is up to you to find (or create) that profile and
associate it with the scanned RGB values.
    Otherwise, if you choose one of the other color spaces, Vuescan
will convert from the device profile (as determined by Ed Hamrick and
built into Vuescan) to that color space.  If you choose "device RGB",
you need to be careful of whether the media chosen is negative,
positive or image, before you will be able to appropriately associate
("assign") some device profile you may have.  I believe "image" and
"slide film" is straight-forward (assuming you have a manufacturer's
device profile), ... "negative" film is not straight-forward because
the RGB values are handled by Vuescan's own profile for the scanner.
    (my understanding goes back to experience and correspondence with
early versions of VS v.7 ... has anything changed?)

shAf  :o)

shAf  :o)


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