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RE: filmscanners: which scanner for slides ?

For Win95/98/me/w2k(aka nt5):
The scsi devices need to be turned on prior to booting only if it requires
the scsi bios to be loaded -- bios only needs to be loaded for disk/bootable
devices.  So for scanners, no need to do so.  Just use the device manager
and click on refresh.

For nt/Win3.x:
these are non-plug & play, so you need to have the scsi devices powered
up before booting.
(NT/Win3.x cannot rescan bus and start the service)

issue the appropriate command to mount the device.

I've done hotplugging of SCSI devices successfully, but it's not a 
recommended procedure. Its not straight forward either, and can 
result in loss of data or even device damage.  I recommend you shut
down the system before adding /removing scsi devices, but if you 
really need to do so, my procedure is given below.  I strongly 
recommend you back up your data before you try this.

on scsi hot plugging (another message, which I must have deleted, sorry):
apart from the SCA hot plug devices, yes, it can be done (AT YOUR OWN RISK).

Get all the equipment ready and standing by.
Ensure no scsi bus activity is taking place (eg use the sync command 
 found in Unix or Unix-like utilities such as MKS Toolkit or Thomson 
 toolkit), then you have a few seconds to act.  
When a device is disconnected, the bus is unterminated and nasty 
 things can happen if there is bus activity on an unterminated bus.
 this includes loss of data - so I repeat, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Quickly unplug one device, insert the new device and hookup.
** PRAY **
Power up new device if necessary.
May need to reboot (for non-plug&play OS).
In NT4, you can trick the system to rescan the bus by going to 
 control panel --> tape devices --> rescan for tape devices.
 Strangely 'nuff it works.


Lynn wrote:

> David wrote:
> >If I remember correctly, SCSI devices need
> to be turned on before you boot the system, in order for the SCSI
> controller
> to detect it.
> Not on my system (Dell Dimension w/Win98); I just need to turn on the
> scanner before I load an acuisition program, and it finds the Acer with no
> problem. Buying the Acer includes a SCSI card. I have USB for my flatbed,
> and it seems to me it's not as fast at data transfer. But I could be
> mistaken.

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